Pinterest: Television is being pinned to social media

 Pinterest: Television is being pinned to social media

A notable fad of 2012, Pinterest has grown to join the other top-ranked social networks – Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn. The idea is simple: you create as many boards as you want for topics that interest you – home decor, travel or technology – then you can “pin” as many images as you like to each of these visual collections.

This new platform is especially popular among women who like to share ideas about cooking, decorating and shopping. They represent more than 68% of Pinterest users, who spend about as much time on Pinterest as they do on Facebook.

Pinterest’s charms for television

Pinterest was conceived to make sharing photos and videos easy, and in recent months it has become a standard for sharing visual content. With so much focus on social TV, it isn’t surprising that networks are beginning to add Pinterest to their social strategy.

We’ve seen several approaches. Some channels create one official account with individual boards for each program, while others create individual accounts for each program.

Food Network is a pioneer in this area. Using 89 boards, it adds content both on general cooking topics and on specific shows. All content links back to the network website, generating a solid increase in traffic.

Some of the Food Network’s more appealing boards include:

Food Network Star, which invites you to watch the show and support your favorite team
Let’s Go Back to School, offering instruction on basic cooking techniques.
Let’s Celebrate Halloween, suggesting original ideas for festive Halloween dishes.

Pinterest Food Network Pinterest: Television is being pinned to social media

USA Network is using Pinterest a little differently. In addition to creating an official account for the network, it has chosen to highlight its flagship programs with their own individual Pinterest accounts.

The Pinterest accounts of White Collar, Royal Pains and Suits each have a dozen boards to immerse you in the worlds of the various series. Caffrey’s Corner offers a glimpse of Neil Caffrey’s enviable accessories, while the Evan & Paige “Say I Do” board provides inspiration for your wedding and Harvey and Mike’s Movie allows fans to delve into the films mentioned during the show.

Pinterest arrives in Canada

Pinterest’s growing success is also encouraging Canadian networks to plunge in.

CTV has developed one of the most elaborate Pinterest presences. It has a dozen boards, one for each of its top shows, such as So You Think You Can Dance or Once Upon a Time. The network uses these boards to “pin” exclusive content and drive traffic to its website.

Pinterest CTV e1347393933425 Pinterest: Television is being pinned to social media

In Quebec, TVA and CBC/Radio-Canada have also started Pinterest accounts where they post interesting content, but for the moment they’re not adding much about their TV programming. Sports channels like CBC Sports and TSN are also beginning to use Pinterest by posting unique images of sporting events, but we’re not seeing specific content about their programming yet.

Like Facebook and Twitter, Pinterest is becoming an essential part of social strategy for both brands and broadcasters who see in it an opportunity to boost their traffic.

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